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Mr. Eyibio Adah

Thank you for visiting Uruan Development Association, (UDA) U.S.A corner on the Web.

In its' six years of existence, Uruan Development Association, has won the admiration, love and support of all Uruan people in the United States and at home, as a result of the positive contributions the Association is making in the life of our people.


About UDA

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The name, Uruan Development Association, was adopted during its inaugural meeting held November 21, 1998 in Centreville, Virginia. UDA is fully registered and incorporated in the state of Delaware as a nonprofit organization. It offers the Uruan people of Akwa lbom state residing in the Americas, the opportunity to meet, plan, and raise funds to initiate or support projects in Uruan Local Government Area.

Mission Statement Our mission is to provide technical and financial assistance to supplement local and governmental efforts in road building, schools, hospitals, and other vital public infrastructures, and participate in economic ventures for the cause of improving the quality of life of the citizens of Uruan Local Government Area and the environs in Akwa Ibom State.

Mr. Eyibio Adah, President (2008)
Vice President, Dr. Ekong A Ekong
Dr. Ignatius Idio, Secretary
Dr. Edet Isuk, Treasurer
Mrs. Mary Ekanem, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Rita Bassey, Parliamentarian
Mr. Eugene Okon, Public Relations Officer

President - Mr. Eyibio Adah
Vice President -Dr. Ekong A Ekong
Secretary - Dr. Ignatius Idio
Treasurer - Dr. Edet Isuk
Financial Secretary - Mrs. Mary Ekanem
Parliamentarian - Mrs. Rita Bassey
Public Relations Officer - Mr. Eugene Okon
Member at Large - Mr. Effefiong Okon
Member at Large - Mr. Sylvanus Akpakpa
Member at Large - Dr. Magnus Bassey
Member at Large - Ms. Hellen Okon
Ex - President - Chief Ime Ekanem (Uyo, AKS ~ Nigeria)
Ex - President - Chief Nte Bassey (Uyo, AKS ~ Nigeria)

Dr. Calixtus I. E. Idio (Uyo, AKS ~Nigeria).

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