Eyibio Adah

Mr. Eyibio Adah

Thank you for visiting Uruan Development Association, (UDA) U.S.A corner on the Web.

In its' six years of existence, Uruan Development Association, has won the admiration, love and support of all Uruan people in the United States and at home, as a result of the positive contributions the Association is making in the life of our people.



Fellow indigenes of Uruan Inyang Atakpo, the Uruan Development Association, USA is seeking to identify and reconnect with its sons, daughters, grandchildren, in-laws and friends in the Diaspora and at home.

The association was formed in 1998 as a strong advocacy group and has attracted a good number of people throughout North America to register as members of UDA. Its signature project was the improvement of our community roads network. While the road project seems to be illusive for now, but our will and collective resolves to advocate and demand the Akwa Ibom State Government to build motorable roads to link Uruan villages to the state capital remain steadfast.

The challenge now is to reach out to all the people we know and relate to in order to speak with one voice that will positively impact our beloved community at home. There is a great need to establish communication and start a dialogue to include our greater community at home by using the new and improved UDA website. It is my hope that we can achieve more by demonstrating a strong growth in membership. Please, encourage others to visit the site and post their questions, ideas, and of course, register as members. UDA wants to know how to reach, support and engage the people in our community.

Long live UDA and long live the people of Uruan.

Mr. Eyibio Adah President of UDA, USA